RAIN Says He Can Buy a House with the Money He Spent on Producing Ciipher

By  Lee Narin  | May 10, 2022

RAIN Says He Can Buy a House with the Money He Spent on Producing Ciipher
Singer RAIN shared that he can even buy a house with the money that he spent on producing K-pop boy group Ciipher. 

On May 9 episode of tvN's television show 'Take Good Care of My Week' (literal translation), RAIN and Ciipher's member TAN made a guest appearance. 

RAIN said, "I came with TAN today, because I thought you guys might need a hand with cooking." 

So, the hosts asked TAN what he can cook, which he answered, "Well, I recently learned how to fry an egg."  

Sung Dong-il thought for a little while, then responded, "Hey, RAIN. How much did you invest on him and the group?" 
RAINRAINRAIN laughed and playfully answered, "I probably could've bought a house with that money. Sometimes, I wonder why I debuted these guys as well." 

He continued, "But no, I'm sure that TAN will become big one day though. I can just totally see it coming. He'll gain fame in like two years. I guarantee that." 

He went on, "In like two to three years, everyone will be like, 'That's TAN from that show years ago?!' This day will arrive for sure." 
RAINCiipher is the first K-pop group that was produced by RAIN under his own management agency RAIN COMPANY. 

The group made debut with a catchy title track 'I like you' in March 2021. 

They are scheduled to release their third mini album 'THE CODE' with a title track 'Fame' on May 11. 

(Credit= tvN Take Good Care of My Week, 'Ciipher.RAIN' 'raincompanyrain' Facebook) 

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