Park Bo Gum's Gentle Manners Towards Suzy Awe Fans

May 10, 2022

Park Bo Gum, Suzy
Actor Park Bo Gum has garnered attention online for his gentle manners towards his 'Baeksang Awards' partner singer/actress Suzy.

On May 6, Park Bo Gum, Suzy, and entertainer Shin Dong-yup hosted the annual 'Baeksang Arts Awards' which took place at KINTEX, Goyang.

It was Park Bo Gum's first official schedule after his recent discharge from the Navy on April 30.
Park Bo Gum, SuzyThroughout the event, Park Bo Gum was spotted carefully taking care of his partner Suzy, who needed assistance due to her long dress.

Park Bo Gum was seen holding Suzy's microphone and cue sheets when they were going down the stairs.
Park Bo Gum, SuzyPark Bo Gum, SuzyWhen Suzy was saying something to him, Park Bo Gum was seen lowering his body towards Suzy to catch what she had tried to say to him.

Upon seeing the two superstars' wonderful chemistry, fans commented, "Bo Gum is so kind and considerate.", "They look so amazing together.", "It's so great to have you back, Bo Gum!", and more.

(Credit= 'BOB' YouTube)

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