IU Reveals That She Cried After Receiving Praise from Song Kang-ho

May 10, 2022

Singer/actress IU shared that she burst into tears after her 'Broker' co-star actor Song Kang-ho praised her for her acting.

On May 10, the press conference for Palme d'Or-winning film director Kore-eda Hirokazu's new movie 'Broker' was held at CGV Yongsan, Seoul. 

During the event, the cast members of 'Broker' exchanged friendly remarks about the chemistry they shared during filming.
BrokerBrokerIn particular, Song Kang-ho praised IU (Lee Ji-eun), saying, "There was one scene for Lee Ji-eun, where she had a conversation with the two detectives. I was amazed as she not only had meticulous acting technique, but also conveyed the exact emotions of the character."

He explained, "It was a scene that required her to express many different and complex emotions―and her acting was just perfect. I had to bring her aside to give her praise. It was that great."
BrokerThe veteran actor laughingly explained that it is not something that he does often; as actor Gang Dong Won never received such praise from him.

To this, IU commented, "That very moment will leave a strong impression on the rest of my life. When we wrapped up the scene, Song Kang-ho was waiting for me, although he was to leave the set earlier than me."

She continued, "I quickly ran to him, and he told me, 'I monitored your scene, and it was very well done.' To me, the memory of him telling me that was so touching, like a scene from a movie. Not only did it bring me to tears, but I had to call my parents to boast about it."
BrokerBrokerMeanwhile, 'Broker' is set to be unveiled through a world premiere at this year's 'Festival de Cannes' later this month.

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