"We'll Take Legal Actions" Kwon Ah-reum's Agency Denies Dating Rumors with NCT DOYOUNG

By  Lee Narin  | May 10, 2022

"We'll Take Legal Actions" Kwon Ah-reum's Agency Denies Dating Rumors with NCT DOYOUNG
Rookie actress Kwon Ah-reum's agency strongly denied that the actress is dating DOYOUNG of K-pop boy group NCT. 

Recently, many started speculating that Kwon Ah-reum and DOYOUNG were dating each other. 

It was first suspected after Kwon Ah-reum uploaded a photo of the cast of their upcoming drama 'Dear X, Who Doesn't Love Me' (literal translation) some weeks ago. 

In this photo, DOYOUNG was spotted staring at Kwon Ah-reum making a cute pose for the photo. 

At first though, lots of people thought it was simply something that could happen. 
Kwon Ah-reumBut earlier this week, Kwon Ah-reum posted a photo of herself with the caption, 'Ddoying'.

Not only is 'Ddoying' an unexisting word and unpopular word to use, but it was also DOYOUNG's nickname that he had been using for years. 

On top of that, Kwon Ah-reum used lime-colored hearts in the comment section; 'lime' is NCT's official color. 

After seeing this, they began questioning the relationship of the two, and rumors spread that they were together. 
Kwon Ah-reumKwon Ah-reumThen on May 9, Kwon Ah-reum's management agency officially denied the rumors. 

The agency stated, "We would like to state that the information related to Kwon Ah-reum, which has recently spread through online communities, is clearly false." 

They went onto say, "In this regard, we have decided that it is difficult to condone any acts that insult the character of our actress, such as spreading false facts, defamation, malicious rumors and personal attacks. We plan to take all possible legal actions." 

The agency also said, "Currently, we are collecting data through continuous monitoring. There will not be any leniency for malicious rumor writers, commenters, and the acts of rumor re-distribution and reproduction. We will take strong measures." 
Kwon Ah-reum(Credit= 'areummon' 'do0_nct' Instagram) 

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