(G)I-DLE YUQI Reveals She Failed to Win a Ticket to MIYEON's Fan Signing Event

By  Lee Narin  | May 10, 2022

(G)I-DLE YUQI Reveals She Failed to Win a Ticket to MIYEON's Fan Signing Event
YUQI of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE shared that she failed to win a ticket to her fellow member MIYEON's fan signing event. 

Back on April 27, MIYEON dropped her first-ever solo album 'MY' with a title track 'Drive'. 

Following the release, MIYEON held many fan signing events in celebration of her solo debut.  

Recently, YUQI took to the group's official fan chat to share that she actually tried to win a ticket to one of MIYEON's fan signing events. 

YUQI told fans, "I bought her albums to win a ticket to her fan signing event, but I didn't manage to win it.", then cutely complained, "Mi-yeon unnie is too popular!" 
YUQIThen on May 7, one fan told MIYEON about this when she got to talk to MIYEON at her video fan signing event. 

The fan said, "Did you hear that YUQI failed to get a ticket to your fan signing event?" 

In response to this, MIYEON commented in surprise, "What? Really? Isn't she just saying it? I must check if it's true." 
The next day, MIYEON went live on NAVER V LIVE for about half an hour. 

During the live broadcast, MIYEON shared her findings regarding the truth behind YUQI's attempt at attending her fan signing event. 

MIYEON stated, "YUQI mentioned it to me first, so I asked her for more details. Apparently, she really bought my albums. She told me that she bought five of my albums, but she failed to win the ticket." 
Upon seeing this, fans left comments such as, "Of course you'll fail if you only bought five, YUQI! LOL", "How adorable is that?!", "Non-stop awwing at YUQI's love for MIYEON!" and so on. 

(Credit= 'G.I.DLE.CUBE' Facebook, 'SM_39131' Twitter, '(G)I-DLE' NAVER V LIVE, Online Community) 

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