Nam Ji-hyun Shares She Is Happier Now than the Days as 4MINUTE

By  Lee Narin  | May 11, 2022

Nam Ji-hyun Shares She Is Happier Now than the Days as 4MINUTE
Nam Ji-hyun, formerly of disbanded girl group 4MINUTE, shared that she is happier now than the time when she was the leader of 4MINUTE. 

On May 11, Nam Ji-hyun sat down for an interview with the press. 

During the interview, Nam Ji-hyun looked back on the days when she was part of 4MINUTE. 

Nam Ji-hyun said, "I was too young then, so I prefer how things are now. I feel like I wasn't able to relate to the feelings of others very well at that time. I was immature." 

She continued, "As I aged, I understood others better, and I've become more realistic than before. I still find it hard when I have to overcome difficulties though." 
Nam Ji-hyunThen, Nam Ji-hyun was asked whether she still keeps in touch with the members of 4MINUTE. 

The K-pop star-turned-actress answered, "Yes, we're still good friends with one another. Whenever we gather together, we get really excited. It feels like meeting an old school friend." 

She resumed, "When we meet, we would spend time talking about the past a lot. We're like, 'Remember that time?', 'Wasn't it great then?' and so on. We are very supportive of each other as well." 
Nam Ji-hyunAfter that, Nam Ji-hyun shared that she still loves to sing and dance despite being out of the K-pop industry for years since the group disbanded. 

Nam Ji-hyun stated, "Sometimes, I would go to a singing room by myself to release that energy in me. I try writing lyrics at home too. As I write lyrics, I often think to myself, 'Why didn't I try this when I was 4MINUTE?'"

She laughingly went on, "But I don't think I can go back to the industry, because there are too many great hoobae K-pop stars out there now. Watching their performances give me enough satisfying feelings anyway, so it's all good." 
Nam Ji-hyun4MINUTE debuted in June 2009, and was active until June 2016. 

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