EXO D.O. Says He Would Have Become a Chef If He Had Not Entered the K-pop Industry

By  Lee Narin  | May 11, 2022

EXO D.O. Says He Would Have Become a Chef If He Had Not Entered the K-pop Industry
D.O. of K-pop boy group EXO shared that he would have become a chef if he was not a K-pop star. 

On May 11, an interview of D.O. was dropped on one YouTube channel. 

In this interview, D.O. was asked various random questions, and one of them was, "How do you usually spend your day-off when you're free from all work?" 

D.O. responded, "I really enjoy eating good food. So, I tend to visit those must-eat places when I have time like that." 

He continued, "I've told this story a few times in the past already, but there is this one restaurant that I fell in love in Fukuoka. It was probably the best restaurant that I'd ever visited." 

He went on, "Because the food was so good, I binge-ate everything. The next day, I suffered from a stomachache. But I still would love to go back there one day." 
D.O.Then, D.O. was also asked, "What job would you like to take in your next life if you could be born again?" 

Without hesitation, D.O. answered, "I don't think I have ever thought about a job either than a chef. I love to cook. It's something that I enjoy doing in my spare time. I also love eating, as I mentioned earlier." 

He continued, "I get great pleasure when I see people I cooked for enjoy eating my food. I would have become a chef if I hadn't chosen to make debut." 
D.O.It seemed as if this was still not enough for him to express his love for food, because he continued to do so in the next question too.

When asked about spending money on a trip, the EXO member stated, "I'm not the type of person who spends a lot of money, generally speaking. So, I think I usually only buy stuff that I need when I'm on a trip." 

He laughed and added, "But I don't stop myself from spending when it comes to using money on the stuff that I eat. I'm always generous to my food money." 
D.O.(Credit= '디스커버리 채널 코리아 - Discovery Channel Korea' YouTube) 

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