AOA Seolhyun Responds to a Rude Online Post

May 12, 2022

K-pop girl group AOA's member/actress Seolhyun cleverly utilized a rude online post to promote her new drama.

On May 11, Seolhyun took to her personal Instagram and shared a screenshot of a post shared online.
SeolhyunTitled 'What Happened to Seolhyun?', the post contained photos of Seolhyun.

The photos were publicity cuts of Seohyun, taking the role of 'Do Ah-hee' in tvN's new drama 'The Murderer's Shopping List'.

Along with the photos, the post's writer captioned, "She's unrecognizable."

Without a single hint of discouragement, Seolhyun responded to the post, saying, "If you're wondering what happened! Watch 'The Murderer's Shopping List' tonight at 10:30PM!"
SeolhyunTo this, fans commented, "Totally unbothered. Way to go, Seolhyun!", "I love the way how she converted such rude post into an opportunity to promote her new project.", "That's why I like her!", and many more.

(Credit= tvN The Murderer's Shopping List, 'sh_9513' Instagram)

(SBS Star)