The Lookalikes WEi Kim Jun Seo & CIX HYUNSUK Become Best Friends

By  Lee Narin  | May 12, 2022

The Lookalikes WEi Kim Jun Seo & CIX HYUNSUK Become Best Friends
The lookalikes Kim Jun Seo of K-pop boy group WEi and HYUNSUK of another boy group CIX became best friends with one another. 

Ever since WEi made debut in 2020, a lot of K-pop fans talked about how Kim Jun Seo reminded them of HYUNSUK. 

They had such a similar facial shape, eyes, nose and smile that they were confident that the two stars could pass as brothers. 

Since both WEi and CIX fans non-stop spoke about this, it eventually got in Kim Jun Seo and HYUNSUK's ears. 
Kim Jun Seo and HYUNSUKThen recently, HYUNSUK broke news to his fans about his new K-pop star friend. 

HYUNSUK said, "I've become close to Kim Jun Seo of WEi. I happened to bump into him at 'Dream Concert', so we spoke together." 

He continued, "We hit it off really well. It seemed like we had a similar personality. We instantly became close. I honestly thought he was my doppelgänger." 

A little while later, Kim Jun Seo also told his fans, "I've heard that HYUNSUK and I looked similar many times before. But it turned out we were similar in terms of our personality too."

He excitedly went on, "It only took us like three seconds to become close. It's true that we got close at 'Dream Concert'. It's so cool. HYUNSUK just told me that he mentioned this to his fans, so I came to mention it as well." 
Kim Jun Seo and HYUNSUKFollowing the news, they revealed that they are very close now that they frequently make visits to each other's dorm and often video-call each other. 

Kim Jun Seo also shared that they went to see a movie at the cinema, and had samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) together a short while ago. 

After hearing all this, K-pop fans became excited to welcome two new K-pop stars to ship. 
Kim Jun Seo and HYUNSUK(Credit= 'WEi__Member' 'cix_twt' Twitter, 'wei__official' 'cix.official' Instagram, Online Community, 'WEi' NAVER V LIVE) 

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