Five Key Factors Behind IVE's Immediate Success

May 13, 2022

K-pop fans analyzed the key reasons behind K-pop rookie girl group IVE's immediate success right after the group's debut.

STARSHIP Entertainment's 6-member girl group IVE made its debut in December 2021.

In less than a year, IVE has already set impressive records with only two singles released thus far―'ELEVEN' and 'LOVE DIVE'.
IVEThe group has also become the K-pop girl group with the fastest music show win, taking its first trophy home in just seven days after debut.

As IVE continues to garner more fans whenever the group unveils new performances, one post shared on a K-pop community listing five reasons why IVE was able to be so successful also went viral online.

1. IVE started with two popular IZ*ONE members―WONYOUNG and YUJIN
IVEWONYOUNG and YUJIN are two IVE members who initially made their debut as the project girl group IZ*ONE.
The two members already brought a certain level of expectation for IVE, even before the group's official debut.

2. Outstanding member formation
IVEIVE members other than WONYOUNG and YUJIN―GAEUL, REI, LIZ, and LEESEO―are filled with unique charms and talents.
Carefully-picked six members complement each other on-stage and off-stage, making everyone to stand out as a team.

3. The group's agency put much thought and effort into IVE's concept
IVE's debut promotional contents and teasers were all well-made.
The stage designs for IVE's comeback stages were also perfectly decorated; aligning with the group's general concept.

4. IVE's songs are great in general
IVE's 2021 song 'ELEVEN' is still topping the music charts.
With two title tracks 'ELEVEN' and 'LOVE DIVE' garnering much love, the group's side tracks have also been praised.

5. Jang Won Young, a born-to-be idol
IVEWONYOUNG is one of the most popular fourth generation idol group members at the moment.
She received much attention for her exceptional stage presence and doll-like appearance.

(Credit= STARSHIP Entertainment, Online Community, 'SBS KPOP' 'IVE' '안강아지' YouTube)

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