LE SSERAFIM Members Reveal How Awkward It Was When They First Moved In Together

May 13, 2022

The members of K-pop rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM revealed how awkward it was when they first started their dorm life.

On May 11 episode of MBC everyone's 'Weekly Idol', the six members of LE SSERAFIM made a guest appearance.
LE SSERAFIMDuring the show, the members spilled on some details about their dorm life.

According to the members, SAKURA, KAZUHA, and Kim Garam lives in one apartment, while Kim Chaewon, Heo Yunjin, and Hong Eunchae lives on a separate floor.
LE SSERAFIMKAZUHA said, "When we first moved in together, we rarely ever saw each other. So when we did run into each other, we even startled."

She explained, "The members always spend their time in their rooms, so I was embarrassed whenever I bumped into one of them."

SAKURA said, "Whenever I ran into one of the members, I was like, 'After you.' We were that awkward."
LE SSERAFIMWhile SAKURA, KAZUHA, and Kim Garam usually spend their time separately in their own rooms, Kim Chaewon, Heo Yunjin, and Hong Eunchae revealed that they always spend time together.
LE SSERAFIM(Credit= MBC every1 Weekly Idol, SOURCE MUSIC)

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