(G)I-DLE MIYEON Says to Have Written Heartwarming Handwritten Letter to Depressed Fan

By  Lee Narin  | May 13, 2022

(G)I-DLE MIYEON Says to Have Written Heartwarming Handwritten Letter to Depressed Fan
MIYEON of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE revealed to have written a heartwarming handwritten letter to a fan who was going through difficulties. 

On May 9, one mother took to a popular online community to express her gratitude to MIYEON for her kindness. 

The mother wrote, "My child is having a hard time, going through a lot in life. If I were to tell you one thing that made his/her days brighter, that is this specific female K-pop star." 

She continued, "By listening to her music and looking at her photos, my child gains great strength. I feel grateful that the K-pop star makes him/her happier in depressing days." 

As she hoped for an opportunity to make her child happier, she said to have written a handwritten letter to the K-pop star, asking if there was any chance if she could get an autograph for her child. 
MIYEONNot so long later, the group's management team leader contacted her and came over to give her a special gift, the mother shared. 

The mother wrote, "The management team leader gave me her album, photos alongside a handwritten letter. It was a miracle. What can I do to repay her for this? This is just too good to be true." 

It turned out this was a post that the mother had initially posted last August, then recently updated the post by revealing who the K-pop star was. 

The post did not go viral at that time, but the updated post is quickly going around online right now. 
MIYEONTo her original post, the mother added, "My child is much better now, and the K-pop star was MIYEON, everyone! I honestly should have revealed who it was last year." 

She resumed, "I happened to read MIYEON's handwritten letter last night, and felt bad that I didn't tell the world how amazing MIYEON was back then. I know I'm a bit late, but here is the name of the mysterious K-pop star." 

After the post became the talk of the Internet, MIYEON's management agency CUBE Entertainment confirmed that the story online is true. 

The agency stated, "It's something that happened last year. We all remember hearing about that fan, and we did what we could do to help." 
MIYEONCurrently, MIYEON is busy promoting her first solo album 'MY' with a title track 'Drive' that was released on April 27. 

(Credit= Online Community, CUBE Entertainment) 

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