TXT Prepares the Sweetest Gift to Fans Who Came to Their Mini Fan Meeting

By  Lee Narin  | May 13, 2022

TXT Prepares the Sweetest Gift to Fans Who Came to Their Mini Fan Meeting
K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) gave a special gift to fans who came to their mini fan meeting. 

On May 13, TXT held a mini fan meeting just outside the 'Music Bank' studio before the recording for KBS' music show 'Music Bank' began. 

Actually, it was the first time they held an in-person fan meeting in about two years. 

Hundreds of fans came to the mini fan meeting to see TXT members, even though it did not go on for long.
Prior to the fan meeting, TXT's staff gathered fans around and told them that there was something special for fans that TXT had prepared. 

They got some boxes out, and got lots of drinks (Americano and latter) in a plastic bag and meringue cookies in a cup out on a long table. 

Then, they put up a sign next to them which said, "This is a gift to MOA, prepared by TXT." 

MOA (the name of TXT's fandom) at the mini fan meeting quickly lined up to receive this special gift from the staff. 
TXTTXTOnly a little while later, social media flooded with posts by MOA, showing off their gift. 

It seemed like they were truly touched by TXT's sweet thought and move. 

Along with the photos of the gift, they left comments such as, "I'm crying! Thank you, boys.", "Oh my...! You guys are the best!", "I don't think I can eat the cookie in the shape of our light stick! It's too cute! Ah, this is amazing." and so on. 
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