Lee Hyo-ri Reveals She Got Emotional Seeing BIGBANG Making a Comeback

By  Lee Narin  | May 16, 2022

Lee Hyo-ri Reveals She Got Emotional Seeing BIGBANG Making a Comeback
Singer Lee Hyo-ri revealed that she became emotional when she listened to K-pop boy group BIGBANG's new track. 

On May 13 episode of TVING's television show 'Seoul Check-in', Lee Hyo-ri spoke about BIGBANG's new track 'Still Life'. 

'Still Life' is BIGBANG's first song that was released in about four years, dropped in the beginning of April.  

While heading to a photo studio with her manager in a car, Lee Hyo-ri asked the manager, "You know that BIGBANG made a comeback, right?" 

She continued, "Their return to the industry made me feel emotional. I watched some reaction videos, and everyone cried. All members were as awesome as they were in the past."

To this, Lee Hyo-ri's manager responded, "Maybe it's about time you release your new album." 

Lee Hyo-ri answered, "Well, releasing an album might be too much, but I do want to release a single if any good songs find me." 

She sighed and continued, "The problem is though, I don't have any connections with anyone who does music. I'm considerably older than them, so they probably would feel uncomfortable with me, you know."
Lee Hyo-riThen, her manager commented, "Isn't it because you feel uncomfortable with them as well?" 

Lee Hyo-ri admitted it and stated, "That's very true. It's always difficult to experience something that you've never experienced before." 

She resumed, "What kind of songs do people these days like? I still listen to old songs. But yeah, I guess you can't really do anything if you just keep sticking to the past." 
Lee Hyo-riThe last solo album that Lee Hyo-ri released was 'BLACK' in July 2017, which marked her first comeback in four years as well.  

(Credit= TVING Seoul Check-in, 'BIGBANG' YouTube, 'BIGBANG' Facebook) 

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