CLASS:y Park Boeun Drinking Baby Formula Shocks Viewers

May 16, 2022

K-pop girl group CLASS:y's member Park Boeun revealed that she drinks baby formula to grow taller.

On May 14 episode of MBC's 'The Manager (Omniscient Interfering View)', CLASS:y and the group's current manager/former DIA member Cho Yi Hyun were featured as guests.

In this episode, the members of CLASS:y shared how they prepared for the group's official debut following the survival audition show 'My Teen Girl' came to an end.
CLASS:yAs the group's manager, Cho Yi Hyun personally prepared the meals for the members to help them watch their weight ahead of their debut.

While all CLASS:y members showed they were on a strict diet, viewers were stunned to find out that the group's 14-year-old member Park Boeun drinks baby formula in order to grow taller.
CLASS:yNot long after the episode was aired, many viewers expressed discomfort; and they criticized that whether such diet was real or not, the whole concept was weird and creepy.

The comments include, "I know she's still growing, but she's not a baby.", "Who thought this was a 'good' or 'cute' concept? This is so creepy.", "I hope this whole thing is scripted.", and more.
CLASS:y(Credit= MBC The Manager)

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