Kim Sa-eun Shares the Kind of Extreme Diet She Went on When She Was in the K-pop World

By  Lee Narin  | May 16, 2022

Kim Sa-eun Shares the Kind of Extreme Diet She Went on When She Was in the K-pop World
Actress Kim Sa-eun revealed what type of extreme diet she went on when she was in the K-pop industry in the past.

On May 14, Kim Sa-eun updated her YouTube channel with a new video. 

In this video, Kim Sa-eun looked back on the days when she was a soloist 'Banana Girl' before she became an actress. 

Kim Sa-eun said, "After I entered university, I lost about 5-6kg. Then when I became a trainee, I lost about an extra kilogram. I had lost 7kg in total, but that wasn't enough." 

She resumed, "Since camera lenses make you look chubbier than how you really are in real life, I had to lose more following my debut." 

She went on, "I exercised and worked out a lot, and cut down on the foods I ate until then. I ate two meals a day, instead of three. But how was I supposed to do more from there?" 
Kim Sa-eunBecause Kim Sa-eun had to lose that fat which she had to squeeze out of her body, she completely cut down on her foods. 

The actress said, "So, I only ate a single pack of chips a day. I only consumed the chips and water for the whole day. I opened a pack in the morning, and eat that as breakfast, lunch and dinner." 

She continued, "By doing that sort of diet, I managed to squeeze out 2kg of fat from my body. But the probably was, my body kept swelling even when I didn't eat anything. It was the worst kind of diet I had ever gone on. I honestly shouldn't have done it like that." 
Kim Sa-eunBut her management agency staff stopped her from eating chips, so she had to find something else to nibble on all day.

Kim Sa-eun said she decided to eat 'buckwheat', and ended up losing two more kilograms from before, but she became quickly sick of it. 

She also said, "I did a 'drink diet' too, where I only consume drinks all day. Although I tried every drink at a coffee shop, I couldn't work like that. I felt dizzy and lacked energy all the time. I gave up on that diet after about three days." 

Then, Kim Sa-eun wrapped up the video by stating, "The best way to go on a diet is to eat healthily but less than your usual, but at the same time, work out as much as you can. Don't go on diets like my past ones, it's the silliest thing you can do to yourself!"
Kim Sa-eun(Credit= '샨토끼' YouTube) 

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