Park Bo Gum Heads to a Children's Welfare Center to Volunteer Right After Military Discharge

By  Lee Narin  | May 17, 2022

Park Bo Gum Heads to a Children's Welfare Center to Volunteer Right After Military Discharge
Actor Park Bo Gum was spotted volunteering at a children's welfare center right after discharging from the military. 

On May 17, Park Bo Gum's fandom 'The Ministry of Bo Gum's Welfare' shared a post online. 

The post included photos of Park Bo Gum volunteering at one children's welfare center in Seoul. 

He was wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt and sweatpants with an apron and gloves, working hard sorting boxes out. 
Park Bo GumAlong with these photos, there was a letter from the children's welfare center.

In the letter, the welfare center wrote, "It's been 10 years since we've started doing this 'Sharing Love' event. We would like to thank Park Bo Gum and their fans―'The Ministry of Bo Gum's Welfare'―for being part of the event every year." 

"Our children are happily using the stuff that you've sent us each year. We've received lots of goods from all over the world this year as well. Thank you for your continuous support.", they continued. 

They went on, "Park Bo Gum sorted the goods out himself this year. He arrived with gifts for the children, then worked and worked to get the stuff sorted out. He even cleaned the area afterwards." 
Park Bo GumWhen he was finished, Park Bo Gum said to have spent time with the children there. 

The welfare center stated, "As the weather was nice, Park Bo Gum sat around the table with the children outside in the garden. He spoke to them with affection; he also carefully listened to them. It made our hearts warm, seeing them together like that." 

Then, they wrapped up the letter by saying, "For the last 10 years, Park Bo Gum and 'The Ministry of Bo Gum's Welfare' had been quietly supporting us without making it public. Every time we thanked Park Bo Gum, he told us that all gratitudes should be paid to his fans instead. We would like to thank the actor and his fans again for sending their support."
Park Bo GumPark Bo Gum completed his national mandatory duty in the military on April 30, and made a comeback to the industry with 'Baeksang Arts Awards' on May 6. 

(Credit= The Ministry of Bo Gum's Welfare, 'BOGUMMY' Twitter) 

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