Ko Eun-ah Cries While Talking About How MBLAQ MIR Spent All Night Deleting Her Hate Comments

By  Lee Narin  | May 17, 2022

Ko Eun-ah Cries While Talking About How MBLAQ MIR Spent All Night Deleting Her Hate Comments
Actress Ko Eun-ah burst into tears while talking about how her younger brother MIR of K-pop boy group MBLAQ stayed up all night deleting hate comments about her. 

On May 15 episode of KBS' television show 'Diet', the members spoke about receiving malicious comments online. 

During their conversation, Ko Eun-ah said, "I made debut when I was in high school. I was too young to fully love myself yet, but I received so many negative comments about my appearance. I became really stressed."

She resumed, "Due to those comments, I started going on a diet. I went on an extreme one, and I became too thin then. I was too thin that I wore clothes that were made for children who are from seven to eight. It was insane." 
Ko Eun-ahFollowing that, Ko Eun-ah said she came to have a depression and social anxiety disorder that she had to take some time off from work. 

The actress stated, "I took about two years off, then returned with MIR and our YouTube channel. Our channel quickly gained attention. At the same time though, I was receiving a lot of hate comments about my looks again." 

She continued, "When I was the thinnest, I weighed 42kg. When I started doing YouTube, I was 65kg. I tried not to get the comments to me, but it was hard." 

She resumed, "I keep thinking to myself, 'The only thing I've done was to work hard and live my life, why...'" I couldn't stop thinking that. Their words hurt me." 
Ko Eun-ahThen, Ko Eun-ah revealed what sort of hate comments she got at that time. 

Ko Eun-ah said, "They were like, 'Oh, Ko Eun-ah is finally going down, it seems.', 'Why do I have to watch someone who makes me want to puke? I hope she dies.', and so on. But our YouTube channel was a family channel. MIR used to upload the videos, and stayed up all night, deleting hate comments about me." 

With tears running down her cheeks, she added, "He didn't want me to get hurt by the comments. It broke my heart seeing him do that." 
Ko Eun-ah(Credit= KBS Diet, 'koeuna88' Instagram) 

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