Actress Kim Saeron Reportedly Under Police Investigation for DUI Charges

By  JW Yoo  | May 18, 2022

Kim Saeron
Actress Kim Saeron is currently under police investigation for charges of driving under the influence.

According to reports on May 18, Gangnam Police Station received over six calls on the morning of May 18 that a vehicle was "driving unsteadily" on the road.
Kim SaeronShortly after the police departed to investigate the calls at around 8 AM KST, the vehicle had rammed multiple roadside structure for over three times at Cheongdam-dong's Hakdong intersection, and was attempting to flee the scene.

After stopping the vehicle, the police asked the vehicle's driver―reportedly Kim Saeron―to take a breathalyzer test to determine whether she was driving under the influence.

Kim Saeron, however, wished to be transported to a hospital; in order to undergo a blood test instead.

The police are currently investigating the exact details.
Kim SaeronThe 21-year-old actress debuted in 2009 through a film 'A Brand New Life' when she was only 9 years old.

She is best known for 'The Man from Nowhere', a Korean action-thriller film released in 2010.

(Credit= tvN On & Off, 'ron_sae' Instagram)

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