IVE WONYOUNG's Cute Interaction With an International Fan Goes Viral Online

May 19, 2022

WONYOUNG of K-pop girl group IVE and an international fan's adorable reaction went viral online.

Recently, the members of IVE flew to Germany, in order to take part in 'KPOP.FLEX' concert held at Deutsche Bank Park Stadium, Frankfurt.
IVEIVEAfter the event, the members were spotted at the airport for their flight back to Seoul.

Before departure, one international was lucky enough to get close to WONYOUNG for a short chat.
IVE WONYOUNGWhen the fan said to WONYOUNG, "You're my sister's favorite. She loves you," WONYOUNG cutely asked the fan, "How about you?"
IVE WONYOUNGTo this, the fan quickly replied, "I like you too, you're really pretty!"

Upon hearing the fan's answer, WONYOUNG smiled for a short while and blew her a kiss.
This short video was shared on TikTok, and has been viewed over five million times on the platform.

The video has also been watched over 70,000 times on Twitter; proving WONYOUNG's immense popularity.

Meanwhile, the members of IVE have safely arrived at Incheon International Airport on May 17.

(Credit= 'nyeongrina' 'SBSNOW' 'IVEstarship' Twitter)

(SBS Star)