Weeekly JIHAN Spotted on a Date with LUCY Cho Wonsang?

By  Lee Narin  | May 19, 2022

Weeekly JIHAN Spotted on a Date with LUCY Cho Wonsang?
JIHAN of K-pop girl group Weeekly was seen on a date(?) with Cho Wonsang of boy band LUCY. 

On May 18, Cho Wonsang took to his personal social media account to share some newly-taken photos. 

The photos showed Cho Wonsang and JIHAN on the bus, at a coffee shop as well as a park. 

They looked very close to one another, and it seemed like it was not their first time spending time together. 

They looked weirdly similar to each other as well. 
JIHAN and Cho WonsangUnder the photo of where they were standing next to each other at a park, Cho Wonsang wrote, "A couple took a photo of us, and they thought we were a couple as well." 

He continued, "As they took the photo, they laughed and were like, 'Oh, you two look so much alike!' We told them that we were a sibling, hehe." 

In the caption of other photos, "You are the only sister I have in this world." 
JIHAN and Cho WonsangIn fact, they were not a sibling, but certainly related―it turned out they were cousins. 

Upon seeing the photos, a lot of people left comments such as, "Before I read the caption, I thought they were a couple too!", "Ah, what cute cousins!", "Wow, I see good genes running in this family!" and so on. 
JIHAN and Cho WonsangJIHAN and Cho WonsangCho Wonsang made debut as LUCY's bassist in May 2020, and JIHAN debuted as a member of Weeekly only a month after him in June 2020. 

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