LE SSERAFIM Cancels All Schedule Amidst Kim Garam's School Bullying Allegations

May 20, 2022

K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM has cancelled the entire schedule for today, amidst the controversy over the school bullying allegations against the group's member Kim Garam continues to snowball. 

On the morning of May 20, LE SSERAFIM's management agency SOURCE MUSIC shared an official statement regarding the group's scheduled activities of the day.
LE SSERAFIMAccording to the agency, all scheduled activities of LE SSERAFIM, including the group's weekly appearance on KBS' music show 'Music Bank', had been cancelled.

The agency stated, "LE SSERAFIM will not be appearing on 'Music Bank', or participating in their video call fan signing event. We ask for the fans' understanding."

In regard to the ongoing allegations against Kim Garam, the agency shared, "We will quickly release our statement regarding the allegations against the LE SSERAFIM member as soon as we have finished our review."
LE SSERAFIMPreviously on May 19, the legal representative of the alleged victim 'A' of Kim Garam's school violence released a detailed statement claiming that Kim Garam had been found guilty of school violence in 2018.

The legal representative accused SOURCE MUSIC/HYBE of putting 'A' through a second round of harm and claimed that the agency did not response while they had tried to contact the agency about the matter.

They also stated that if the agency did not comply, they would reveal the full records from the school violence committee as well as online messages that Kim Garam sent to the alleged victim.
LE SSERAFIMTo this, HYBE responded with a statement claiming that the description of events on the statement had been one-sided, and that they would release additional statements as soon as they finish examining the claims.

(Credit= SOURCE MUSIC, Baik Seung-chul/SBS Entertainment News)

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