IU Shares She Could Not Stop Looking at Gang Dong Won When They First Met

By  Lee Narin  | May 20, 2022

IU Shares She Could Not Stop Looking at Gang Dong Won When They First Met
K-pop artist/actress IU shared her love for actor Gang Dong Won. 

On May 19 episode of KBS' television show 'Entertainment Weekly Live', the cast of an upcoming movie 'Broker'―IU, Gang Dong Won, actor Song Kang Ho and actress Lee Joo-young made a guest appearance. 
Entertainment Weekly LiveDuring the talk, Song Kang Ho mentioned that 'Broker' marked his second time working with Gang Dong Won since 2010, when they filmed 'Secret Reunion' together. 

Song Kang Ho said, "Haven't you become taller? I feel like you've become taller over the last 12 years. Gang Dong Won definitely has become much more good-looking though." 

The actor resumed, "Whenever I'm asked to describe Gang Dong Won, I tell everyone, 'He's an actor with eyes of a lost deer. He has this warmth that is unique to himself." 

He went on, "When I met him again, I felt so happy as if I had met my little brother for the first time in ages. He didn't feel any distant; I felt really comfortable around him."  
Entertainment Weekly LiveAfter that, IU commented, "It was the first time for me to be working with Gang Dong Won, Song Kang Ho and Lee Joo-young. Song Kang Ho and Gang Dong Won are such big sunbaes to me and Lee Joo-young." 

She continued, "Because of that, I had to try really hard to keep a good composure throughout the shooting, and I thought I could control myself well." 

She awkwardly laughed and said, "But I couldn't stop looking at Gang Dong Won during our first shooting together. He was just too good-looking. My eyes would move to see him against my will. I was totally helpless." 

Then, IU looked at Gang Dong Won and covered her mouth in shyness, while Gang Dong Won laughed, not knowing how to respond to IU's unexpected compliment. 

It truly seemed like IU had fallen in love with Gang Dong Won's appearance, and still find him too good-looking to look him straight in the eye. 
Entertainment Weekly LiveMeanwhile, their movie 'Broker' is planned to hit the theaters on June 8. 

(Credit= KBS Entertainment Weekly Live) 

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