Kim Shin-young Clarifies that She Is Not in a Relationship with Former OH MY GIRL JIHO

By  Lee Narin  | May 20, 2022

Kim Shin-young Clarifies that She Is Not in a Relationship with Former OH MY GIRL JIHO
Comedienne Kim Shin-young clarified her relationship with JIHO―former member of K-pop girl group OH MY GIRL. 

For some time, it was suspected that Kim Shin-young and JIHO have been in a relationship among some fans of OH MY GIRL. 

It was more talked about recently after one YouTuber gave proof―according to the YouTuber―on their relationship through a video. 

The YouTuber compiled photos of their over 30 matching items, shared how JIHO left 'Thanks to' to Kim Shin-young saying she loves her in every album since they had known each other in 2017, how they spent last Christmas together and more. 
Kim Shin-young and JIHOThen on May 20, Kim Shin-young spoke about this dating rumor on her radio show 'Music Party'. 

Kim Shin-young commented, "People around me have sent me links that led to this ridiculous rumor. I was like, 'Will anyone believe this though?', but it turned out quite a lot of people, including some of my friends, believed that it was real. But honestly, the listeners of my radio show would know me well enough to know that I like to give than receive." 

She continued, "This rumor makes me laugh, because it's so ridiculous. After the rumor circulated online recently, I've been getting comments saying that I'm ugly as well. You know what? I'm not that ugly in person. They also say that I'm old, but I don't look old for someone in their 40s." 

She laughed and carried on, "Most importantly, this is not true. I had no idea that I would be taken that way. I could just laugh it off, but it could hurt some people. If you really have things to say, say them to my face. Come and join me on this radio show. You'll be able to realize all these words spreading online are false." 
Kim Shin-young and JIHOFollowing that, Kim Shin-young explained why they have so many matching items. 

Kim Shin-young said, "The majority of them are my clothes and shoes. Is it wrong to lend my clothes and shoes to my friend? I simply wanted her to look good on her way to work, during the fan meeting and so on. Plus, I bought the bracelet in 2008. Mine's thicker." 

She wrapped up by stating, "I mean, come on, would I even be able to go somewhere with her now? Let me clarify this whole thing once again, it's not true. Please stop this, and give much support to my friend." 
Kim Shin-young and JIHO(Credit= 'ksy83s' 'jihoa_f' Instagram, Online Community, MBC Radio Star, MBC FM4U Music Party) 

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