Hwang Min Hyun Shares How Fans' Love Helps Him to Play a Romantic Role

By  Lee Narin  | May 20, 2022

Hwang Min Hyun Shares How Fans' Love Helps Him to Play a Romantic Role
Hwang Min Hyun of disbanded K-pop boy group NUE'ST Hwang Min Hyun revealed that fans' love helps him when playing a romantic role. 

Recently, one fashion magazine released an interview of Hwang Min Hyun online. 

During the interview, Hwang Min Hyun talked about his upcoming fantasy romance drama 'Alchemy of Souls'.

In the drama, Hwang Min Hyun will play the role of 'Seo Yool', who comes from the noble Seo Family; he is a perfect guy with a great appearance, intelligence and martial arts skills.

When asked if there were any similarities between himself and 'Seo Yool', Hwang Min Hyun answered, "I think it's that we are both rational, and our emotions don't really go up and down much." 
Hwang Min HyunThen, Hwang Min Hyun talked about having to film romantic scenes in this drama.  

The K-pop star-turned-actor said, "There is one thing that helps me to act in romantic scenes, and that is the love from my fans." 

He continued, "My fans tell me that they love me a lot. Our love isn't one way, so I wanted to express my love to them too. And over those years that I've received their love, I've learned how to return their love." 

He went on, "I've received such a great amount of love that I'm more than capable of giving back the love now. The love that I received and gave to my fans helps me when I have to romantically act." 
Hwang Min HyunHwang Min Hyun made debut as a member of NUE'ST in March 2012. 

The group gained a lot of attention following the broadcast of Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce 101 Season 2' in 2017. 

The three members of NUE'ST―JR, Aron, Ren decided to part ways with their agency PLEDIS Entertainment at the end of their contract in this March. 

Hwang Min Hyun stayed with PLEDIS Entertainment, but the agency announced the end of NUE'ST then. 
Hwang Min Hyun(Credit= 'optimushwang' Instagram) 

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