BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE Rumored to Be in a Relationship

May 23, 2022

BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE Rumored to Be In a Relationship
Fans are debating whether the photo of K-pop boy group BTS' member V and JENNIE of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK spending time together in Jeju Islad is real or fake.

On May 22, a photo of JENNIE and V sitting in a car together started circulating online.

The two superstars were allegedly seen traveling Jeju Island together.
BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE Rumored to Be In a RelationshipThe caption of the photo reads, "Today's hot photo. I don't know if they're just lookalikes, but two top idol stars were spotted together in Jeju island."

The caption continues, "The top female idol was recently involved in break up rumors with a male OG idol, so fans are believing in this even more. I will keep the names hidden for now since it has not been confirmed as fact yet."

Fans soon started debating over the authenticity of the photo.

Some fans say that the photo is edited with a screenshot of V from BTS' reality show 'In The Soop', while others claimed that V's hairstyle and clothes are different from the 'In the Soop' days.

They believed the photo to be real because JENNIE owns the very sunglasses shown in the photo, and claimed that it is impossible to edit the reflection on the sunglasses.
BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE Rumored to Be In a RelationshipV and JENNIE's management agencies, BIGHIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment, have yet to respond to the alleged dating rumors.

(Credit= Online Community, 'jennierubyjane' 'thv' Instagram, Gentle Monster)

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