VIDEO: HyunA ♥ DAWN Cutely React to a Fan Asking HyunA to Marry Him

By  Lee Narin  | May 23, 2022

VIDEO: HyunA ♥ DAWN Cutely React to a Fan Asking HyunA to Marry Him
K-pop artist couple HyunA and DAWN cutely responded to a fan asking HyunA to marry him. 

On May 20, HyunA performed at University of Seoul's music festival 'Zero-100'. 
HyunADuring the break from her performance, HyunA took time to communicate with the audience. 

While doing so, one fan unexpectedly proposed to her by shouting, "Marry me, HyunA!" 

HyunA smiled and responded, "Oh, you want to marry me? But I have a boyfriend. I've also already got a ring on my finger." 

Then, she showed off the ring on her finger, which made the audience go wild. 
HyunAAfter that, HyunA told the audience, "Actually, I came to the festival with my boyfriend today.", then called DAWN on stage while laughingly saying, "We may fight later, because this wasn't part of our plan today."

As HyunA looked at backstage and said, "Baby" into the microphone, DAWN came up to the stage and gave her a hug. 

To DAWN, HyunA explained that a fan had proposed to her just earlier. 

As soon as he heard this, he looked around the crowd and commented, "Who's hitting on my girlfriend? You see this ring on my finger as well?!"

The university students watching their lovey-dovey moments laughed and went, "Awww!" 

HyunA and DAWN have been together since 2016, and made their relationship public in 2018.
Back in February, HyunA and DAWN showed off matching rings on their Instagram. 

On Instagram, DAWN wrote, "MARRY ME" with a blue heart emoji, and HyunA wrote in response, "Of course! Definitely yes!" then. 

Although they never clarified whether they were engaged, it is very much suspected that they are. 

(Credit= 'Mera' YouTube) 

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