VIDEO: Lee Dong Wook Shares What He Dreams of Happening When Traveling Alone

By  Lee Narin  | May 23, 2022

VIDEO: Lee Dong Wook Shares What He Dreams of Happening When Traveling Alone
Actor Lee Dong Wook revealed that there is one thing that he dreams of happening when he travels alone. 

On May 20, one YouTube channel shared a video of Lee Dong Wook's having a casual interview with comedian Lee Yongjin.  
During the interview, Lee Yongjin asked Lee Dong Wook if there is any type of girls he is attracted to. 

Lee Dong Wook answered, "I don't think there is anything in particular that I go for in terms of appearance, but I do like girls who look good with a short hair." 

He continued, "I think girls with a short hair makes me look at her more, and also attracts me more." 
Lee Dong WookFollowing that, Lee Dong Wook was asked whether he believes in destiny. 

The actor answered, "Well, I do like to meet someone in a natural setting. That's one thing that I hope for all the time." 

He resumed, "Actually, I always sit alone when I fly. Sometimes, I imagine a girl of my type traveling next to me. But that's never happened.", then awkwardly laughed. 
Lee Dong WookAfterwards, Lee Dong Wook was asked, "Have you ever cried not wanting to break up when you were in a relationship in the past?" 

Lee Dong Wook laughed and said, "Ah yes, definitely yes. It was probably because I didn't have enough experience at that time. I'm not like that anymore with more experience now, but..."

He resumed, "I've cried in front of my girlfriend who wanted to break up with me, continuously saying that I didn't want to break up, and I wanted to make it work."

He added, "There were also times when I messaged/called my ex-girlfriend drunk. You make fun of me for this, but I'm sure you've had this sort of experience before too. Everyone is the same when it comes to love, aren't they?"
Lee Dong Wook
Then, Lee Yongjin stated, "A lot of actors nowadays are getting married late. Many of them, including you, are not married as well. It may be that the ideal age that guys want to get married have gone up because of you guys." 

Lee Dong Wook responded, "It's not our fault that we're still not married though! But I do want to get married before I turn 50." 

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