AKMU Lee Su-hyun Became Scared of Fan Selfie Time After Her Photos Were Secretly Taken Before?

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2022

AKMU Lee Su-hyun Became Scared of Fan Selfie Time After Her Photos Were Secretly Taken Before?
K-pop duo AKMU's member Lee Su-hyun shared that she became scared of taking selfies with fans outside work after her photos were being secretly taken many times. 

On May 19, Lee Su-hyun updated her YouTube channel with a new video of her own interview. 
Lee Su-hyunDuring this interview, Lee Su-hyun talked about pros and cons of making debut at an early age―14. 

Lee Su-hyun said, "Well, the good thing is that I'm growing up alongside the public, but the downside is that everything about me becomes too open to them, even the ones I don't want them to know." 

She continued, "There are some words going around the Internet saying that I never say yes to fans who ask me for a selfie when they meet me in public. But that's because my photos were being secretly taken many times in the past. After that, I became kind of reluctant to take selfies with fans as well." 

She added, "I think I just feel pressured to take photos in public now. That's why I say no to most fans asking me for photos outside work. I feel terrible about that, actually. I usually sign them an autograph though. That's not a problem with me." 
Lee Su-hyunFollowing that, Lee Su-hyun shared when she plans on quitting her career in music. 

Lee Su-hyun stated, "I'll go on until I can't use my voice. As long as my voice works, I probably won't quit."  

She resumed, "It's not like I have zero issue with my brother when we work together, but I'm sure that's the same for him." 

She added, "But there's nothing I do that I'm forced to do when I don't want to. So, it's all good." 

Lee Su-hyun and her brother Lee Chan-hyuk are talented siblings who first appeared in SBS' survival audition show 'K-pop Star Season 2' in 2012.

The duo joined YG Entertainment following their appearance, and made their official debut as AKMU with an album 'PLAY' in April 2014. 

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