Kim Saeron Compensates the Entire Cost of Replacing the Transformer She Destroyed

May 24, 2022

Kim Saeron
Actress Kim Saeron has fully paid the cost of replacing the electrical transformer she destroyed.

According to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) on May 23, Kim Saeron fully paid to replace the transformer she destroyed while driving under the influence.

It reportedly costs about 20 million won (approximately 15,900 dollars) to replace one unit.

Reports also stated that Kim Saeron is currently negotiating settlements with businesses around the area, as several local businesses suffered power outages due to the accident.
김새론 사고 현장 추정 사진 (사진=온라인 커뮤니티)On the morning of May 18, Kim Saeron's vehicle had rammed an electrical transformer located near Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

As a result, traffic lights went out and businesses around the area reported payment system outages, forcing some to close down for approximately five hours.
Kim SaeronWhile Kim Saeron admitted her DUI charges through a statement shared via her management agency, Kim Saeron refused to take a breathalyzer test on the scene, and transported to the nearby hospital for a blood test.

The actress' blood test result will be available around June 1.
Kim SaeronFollowing the accident, Kim Saeron has left the cast of the upcoming SBS drama 'Trolley', and stopped shooting her segments for the upcoming Netflix series 'Hunting Dogs'.

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