K-pop Fans Bash JYP Ent. for the Way They Treated NSWER at NMIXX's Fan Signing Event

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2022

K-pop Fans Bash JYP Ent. for the Way They Treated NSWER at NMIXX's Fan Signing Event
K-pop fans are bashing K-pop girl group NMIXX's management agency JYP Entertainment for the way they treated NSWER (the name of NMIXX's fandom) at the group's fan signing event. 

Recently, a few photos from NMIXX's past fan signing event started circulating online. 

The photos showed NMIXX meeting NSWER and signing an autograph to them at an outdoor area. 
NMIXXOne thing that was easily noticed in these photos was that the fans were all kneeling down in front of the members of NMIXX. 

When they were done getting an autograph from one member, they moved to the next member while kneeling down as well. 

The staff told them to kneel down as soon as it was their turn to begin getting an autograph, and they also made sure they stayed down until they were finished getting an autograph. 
NMIXXUsually, fans sit on a chair or stool while they get an autograph; there are almost no cases where they have to kneel down. 

But fans were asked to kneel down at this particular fan signing event, and it made a lot K-pop fans upset. 

They claimed that it showed how little respect JYP Entertainment has for fans, who in fact should be respected the most. 
NMIXXFans left comments in anger such as, "Really? Is it that hard for them to prepare some chairs for fans?", "That's ridiculous. What are the staff at JYP Ent. doing? I mean, are they working?", "They honestly shouldn't treat fans like that.", "Ouch. Their knees must've hurt. I'm sure they didn't feel great too!" and so on. 

They also shared they hoped for an improvement in the future, and that something like this never happens again. 

(Credit= Online Community, 'NMIXXOfficial' Facebook) 

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