Fans Discover BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE's Past Matching Instagram Photos?

By  Lee Narin  | May 24, 2022

Fans Discover BTS V & BLACKPINK JENNIE's Past Matching Instagram Photos?
Fans found some matching Instagram photos that V of K-pop boy group BTS and JENNIE of girl group BLACKPINK uploaded in the past. 

Previously on May 23, one photo shook the Internet―it was a photo taken of two people in a car driving around in Jeju Island. 

The two people looked so much like V and JENNIE wearing the items that they owned that it was said they were V and JENNIE traveling together in Jeju Island, and they were dating one another. 
JENNIE and VFollowing this, K-pop fans across the globe looked back on the time when V accidentally followed JENNIE on Instagram last December―it was when all seven members of BTS created their personal Instagram. 

V followed JENNIE, then unfollowed her right away, then commented to fans, "Is there a way to turn off 'Suggested for You' on Instagram? This application kind of scares me." 

Because of what he wrote to fans afterwards, it was assumed that it was simply a mistake then. 

After seeing the photo of 'them' in Jeju Island, however, fans questioned whether it really was a mistake because of Instagram's 'Suggested for You' offerings. 
JENNIE and VThen, fans discovered that V and JENNIE had visited the same art gallery around the same time. 
Back in the end of December, V posted a photo of himself standing in front of a large statue outside on Instagram. 

A few days later, JENNIE uploaded a photo on Instagram of herself standing next to a shorter version of the same statue in an outdoor area as well. 

Also on February 4, V and JENNIE posted the identical bottle of red wine with the same vintage date of 1996. 

On her photos, JENNIE even placed a white heart emoji over the wine bottle. 
JENNIE and VJENNIE and VAnother interesting fact that fans found was that V had randomly shared a photo of daisies on a white cloth in black and white on Instagram on May 2, without any explanation in the caption. 

It is thought that perhaps V was trying to indicate the daisies as G-DRAGON of boy group BIGBANG, since JENNIE 'was' 'in a relationship' with him before himself. 

Daisies have represented G-DRAGON for years; he even made a daisy as the logo for his clothing brand. 
JENNIE and VIn February last year, it was reported that JENNIE had been in a relationship with G-DRAGON for about a year. 

At that time, their agency YG Entertainment stated, "We cannot confirm the news, as it's their private matter. Thank you for your understanding." 

The agency's vague response got many to believe the news to be true. 
JENNIE and VMeanwhile, V's management agency Big Hit Music as well as JENNIE's management agency YG Entertainment still remain silent although it has been over a day since the words began to spread about the two stars online. 

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