CL Shares a Funny Reason Why BIGBANG G-DRAGON Told Her Off at TAEYANG's Wedding

By  Lee Narin  | May 25, 2022

CL Shares a Funny Reason Why BIGBANG G-DRAGON Told Her Off at TAEYANG's Wedding
K-pop artist CL revealed that she got told off by G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG at TAEYANG's wedding, and the reason is hilarious. 

On May 25, tvN's television show 'You Quiz on the Block' shared a short video of CL's recent interview online. 

During the interview, comedian Cho Sae-ho asked, "I'm personally just curious to know, but what kind of person are you, CL? If you were to introduce yourself to someone who doesn't know you, how would you describe yourself?" 

Then, he added, "Are you an extrovert? Because I've met you in the past, and you treated me like you knew me for a long time." 

Upon hearing this, CL burst into laughter and said, "I wasn't going to mention it, because I feel kind of embarrassed to do so, but I actually need to kind of apologize to Sae-ho here." 

CL continued to laugh and carried on explaining at the same time, "I met Sae-ho at TAEYANG's wedding. It was the first time I met him." 
CLThen, CL explained that it was her first time ever going to her friend's wedding and was told that she had to wear something neat. 

CL said, "I wore a black suit, then put a green fur coat on top of it. The black suit looked neat, so I thought it would be okay to wear that coat. But as the coat was so long, I accidentally stepped on it while entering the venue, and fell over." 

She laughingly resumed, "I was carried on a stretcher to the venue in the end. Once I got there, everyone asked me whether I was okay. It was difficult to remain focused during the ceremony. I drank a lot of alcohol to help me relax, as I also had to sing songs for the couple on that day." 

She went on, "After the wedding, I went to say hi to Sae-ho. I heard that him and DARA knew each other, so I just wanted to go and say hi. But I was tipsy on champagne then. I became a little too hyper. As soon as I met him, I pinched both sides of his cheeks."  
CLCho Sae-ho responded, "At that time, G-DRAGON was around, and he asked me if we knew each other. I told him, 'No, we've only just met.' He looked at CL, and was like, 'CL, what are you doing?!'", then laughed. 

CL covered her mouth in embarrassment and said, "I even continued to pinch his cheeks when we were taking photos. Sorry about that time, Sae-ho!" 
CL(Credit= tvN You Quiz on the Block, 'chaelinCL' Instagram) 

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