Lee Hanee Talks About Filming Action Scenes During Pregnancy

May 25, 2022

Lee Hanee
Actress Lee Hanee talked about how pregnancy impacted her, in terms of personal growth, career, and more.

Recently, Lee Hanee posed for the upcoming issue of VOGUE Korea.

With her June due date quickly approaching, the actress showed off her beautiful baby bump in front of the camera.
Lee HaneeDuring the interview, Lee Hanee shared, "I wanted to show that women's bodies are this miraculous. I don't intend to convey some sort of ambitious message here, but I think I could become a bit of encouragement to those going through the same situation."

The actress also talked about the growth she has experience throughout pregnancy.

She said, "I've already learned a lot, and I think I'll grow even more once I give birth. I was stunned by the fact that I could do something I don't even do for myself, solely for another person. It felt like I was preparing well to welcome a new life."
Lee HaneeLee Hanee shared that she found out she was pregnant while filming her last drama 'One the Woman'. 

She said, "I filmed action scenes while I was pregnant. I really wanted to fulfill my role well as an actress, and I also thought I would be able to give birth to a 'wonder woman' or 'wonder man' by this strong prenatal education. Since we overcame all that, it's pretty sure that I would give birth to a healthy baby."

When asked about how she has been feeling these days, Lee Hanee shared, "I'm really happy. I can't wait to meet my baby soon. I think my attitude towards life will change a lot after giving birth, so I'm looking forward to that."

She continued, "Change doesn't always happen in a way you want it to. I'm curious about what this natural change would look like."
Lee HaneeLee Hanee and her non-celebrity boyfriend tied the knot in December 2021, and the couple announced their pregnancy in January 2022.

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