TAEMIN·Jessi·JUNGKOOK·G-DRAGON-Inspired Characters Appear on Popular Disney Series

By  Lee Narin  | May 25, 2022

TAEMIN·Jessi·JUNGKOOK·G-DRAGON-Inspired Characters Appear on Popular Disney Series
K-pop stars TAEMIN of boy group SHINee, hip-hop artist Jessi, JUNGKOOK of boy group BTS and G-DRAGON of boy group BIGBANG-inspired characters appeared on the award-winning Disney animated television series 'The Owl House'. 

On May 22, the director and storyboard artist for 'The Owl House', Bo Coburn, shared images of a recent scene from the series with some familiar faces on Instagram. 

These four familiar-looking animated characters were all wearing colorful cloaks, either looking surprised or distressed as they get locked up in a cage. 

It turned out that they were TAEMIN, Jessi, JUNGKOOK and G-DRAGON; the characters definitely showed their distinct features. 

Notably, JUNGKOOK had the iconic purple hair from the time when he was actively promoting the group's mega-hit track 'Butter'. 

Along with the images, the director wrote, "I still can't believe that Dana let me get away with this, but I'll always be grateful. I got to put in some of my favorite artists, and represent the music and culture a tiny bit." 
A little while later, Vesela Stamenova―the retakes director for 'The Owl House'―also talked about their special appearance on her Instagram. 

Vesela Stamenova wrote, "I can't believe I got the chance to contribute in making these characters. These artists are just amazing! I especially had much fun making JUNGKOOK's tattoo design." 

She continued, "My first pass of design had every tattoo of his, but I thought that would have been too much for animating. As for his hair, I couldn't let go; it had to be done the butter way.", then added a smiley face emoji. 
The Owl HouseThe Owl HouseCreated by Dana Terrace and premiered in January 2020, 'The Owl House' is a fantasy series that follows the story of 'Luz Noceda', a human girl who stumbles upon a portal to a magical world. 

Last year, the series won the Peabody Award, which is one of the most prestigious honors for broadcasting, audio and streaming media. 

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