Kim Woo Bin Gives His Hand Warmer to Lee Jung Eun Who Is Filming in the Cold

By  Lee Narin  | May 26, 2022

Kim Woo Bin Gives His Hand Warmer to Lee Jung Eun Who Is Filming in the Cold
Actor Kim Woo Bin was spotted giving his hand warmer to actress Lee Jung Eun who was filming in the cold. 

On May 23, tvN's television show 'Our Blues' uploaded a behind-the-scenes footage of the cast on YouTube. 

In this footage, the cast was seen filming the drama in Jeju Island, near the ocean. 

Particularly, Lee Jung Eun and actress Ko Doo-shim filmed a scene where they cleaned fish outside. 

It was a cold and windy day, but parts of Lee Jung Eun's legs were shown because her jeans were a little too short and she was sitting on a low stool that made the jeans go up. 
Kim Woo BinDuring a short break from shooting, Kim Woo Bin went straight up to Lee Jung Eun, and took a hand warmer out of his pocket. 

Afterwards, he put the hand warmer in her sock that was over her calf. 

He made sure the hand warmer stayed in the sock well, then placed his warm hand over the other side of her calf. 

Lee Jung Eun told him that it was okay, but he continued to make sure she did not feel cold. 
Kim Woo BinHan Ji Min, who happened to be nearby, came over and commented, "Kim Woo Bin is our drama's angel of hand warmers." 

It seemed like there had been many times Kim Woo Bin showed a sweet move like this. 

In response to this, Lee Jung Eun nodded and stated, "Yeah, that's so true. It's amazing to have him around."

Upon seeing this footage, fans' hearts instantly melted and they left comments such as, "Awww I feel so soft.", "What an incredible guy!", "We need more guys like Kim Woo Bin in this world!" and more. 

(Credit= 'tvN drama' YouTube)  

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