VIDEO: Lee Joon Gi Shows Some Amazing Dance Moves to PSY & BTS SUGA's 'That That'

By  Lee Narin  | May 26, 2022

VIDEO: Lee Joon Gi Shows Some Amazing Dance Moves to PSY & BTS SUGA's 'That That'
Actor Lee Joon Gi showed off his incredible dancing skills. 

On May 26, Lee Joon Gi updated his Instagram with a new video. 

The video showed Lee Joon Gi energetically dancing to 'That That' with two dancers beside him. 

'That That' is a song by singer PSY featuring SUGA of K-pop boy group BTS, which was released on April 29. 

Even though Lee Joon Gi is an actor, he danced so flawlessly as if he is a K-pop star. 

His dance definitely showed that he had the genes for it. 
Lee Joon GiIn the caption, Lee Joon Gi explained why he 'randomly' posted a dance cover on Instagram. 

Lee Joon Gi explained, "I know it's a bit late, but I did say that if the viewing rate of my drama 'Again My Life' reaches 10 percent, I would share a dance cover." 

The actor continued, "I should have done it weeks ago, but my excuse was that I was too busy. Sorry for being late. Also, thank you for your support for the drama. Do keep watching the drama until the end! The last episode will air this week." 
Lee Joon GiHe went on, "I kept thinking to myself, 'Which song shall I cover?' And a lot of people have recommended me 'That That', so I decided to go with 'That That'. The dancers learned the dance just by watching the music video a few times, and I learned it from them afterwards."

He added, "We only had a short time to learn the dance, so please be understanding if the dance isn't perfect. I honestly can't wait until I go on stage to perform! Let me add this, thank you and sorry my two dancer brothers!" 

After reading the caption though, everyone got confused, because he said they had to learn the dance in no time, but they were all unbelievably perfect at it.  

Comments such as, "How are you talented at everything?!", "Can't stop watching it!", "Wow...! Your great dance made my day." were left under this video. 

(Credit= 'actor_jg' Instagram) 

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