VIDEO: "He's Gained So Much Weight It's So Cute" ONEW & MINHO Give an Update on TAEMIN's Life

By  Lee Narin  | May 26, 2022

VIDEO: "He's Gained So Much Weight It's So Cute" ONEW & MINHO Give an Update on TAEMIN's Life
ONEW and MINHO of K-pop boy group SHINee gave an update on their fellow member TAEMIN's life, who is fulfilling his national mandatory military duty. 

On May 25, SHINee welcomed their 14th debut anniversary; ONEW, MINHO and KEY went live on YouTube to celebrate this special day with fans. 

During the live broadcast, fans keep asking the three SHINee members, "How is TAEMIN doing?" 

So, MINHO decided to answer this question, "He's doing very well, guys. You know what? He's gained so much weight. He's become super cute."

He continued, "When I look at him, I feel like I'm looking at TAEMIN in middle school, the time when he was a baby. He looks that babyish nowadays." 
SHINeeSHINeeKEY added, "Everybody needs that sort of time in life when they just let loose and do whatever they want. I believe that it's that time for him right now. It makes me feel happy seeing him." 

MINHO said, "I actually told TAEMIN, 'You should make debut like this without losing a single bit from now again, not a comeback.' You look too cute!'", then laughed. 

To this, KEY scolded him by saying, "Hey! He's like the heaviest in his life now. How could you say that to him? You're only thinking about yourself!" 

After that, ONEW commented, "TAEMIN also really misses you guys. He's always talking about you guys. He even rents a dance studio whenever he has time to practice some dance moves. How cute is this, right?!"

He went on, "I think that's all because he wants to slowly prepare himself for his return to the industry. I'm sure he would be able to sit with us here next year." 
TAEMIN joined the military to serve his military duty in May last year. 

Due to worsening depression and anxiety disorder that he had for a long time, he started serving his alternative military duty as a social service worker from this January. 

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