Jamie Lee Curtis Asks Lee Seo Jin to Hold Her Bag While Taking Photos; Does Not Verbally Thank Him

By  Lee Narin  | May 30, 2022

Jamie Lee Curtis Asks Lee Seo Jin to Hold Her Bag While Taking Photos; Does Not Verbally Thank Him
American actress Jamie Lee Curtis randomly asked actor Lee Seo Jin to hold her purse while she poses for photos; she did not verbally thank him. 

On May 29 episode of tvN's television show 'Unexpected Journey', Lee Seo Jin was seen attending the 94th Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles with actress Youn Yuh Jung. 

Lee Seo Jin went to the awards ceremony as Youn Yuh Jung's special manager of the day, so he was with her at all times. 

But at one point, Lee Seo Jin suddenly disappeared, and the production team of 'Unexpected Journey' went to look for him. 

They found him in front of red carpet stairs, holding a lady's purse in his hands. 
Unexpected JourneyUnexpected JourneyWhen asked whose purse it was, Lee Seo Jin answered, "It's Jamie Lee Curtis' purse. She asked me to keep the purse for a bit.", then bitterly smiled. 

It turned out that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lee Seo Jin had never met before, and she was posing for photos with another actress in front of him. 

After taking photos, Jamie Lee Curtis walked towards Lee Seo Jin, and stretched her hand to him with a smile. 
Unexpected JourneyUnexpected JourneyLee Seo Jin gave her purse back, and she smiled to him then walked away. 

There was 'Thank you.' written under her, but she did not actually say that to him; she only smiled. 

It seemed almost like she thought it was his job to hold her purse. 
Unexpected JourneyFollowing the broadcast, the viewers started debating whether Jamie Lee Curtis was being racist by treating him as if he was her own bellhop. 

Some said that it was hard to say that this was racism, but she was certainly being rude to him. 
Unexpected JourneyJamie Lee Curtis is known for leading roles in movies such as, 'Halloween', 'True Lies', 'Freaky Friday', 'Knives Out' and more. 

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