Instagram Kicks SEUNGRI Out from the Platform

By  유지원 에디터  | May 30, 2022

K-pop boy group BIGBANG's former member SEUNGRI's Instagram account was removed from Instagram.

On May 30, it was revealed that SEUNGRI's Instagram account―@seungriseyo―was permanently deleted from the social media platform.

The disgraced former BIGBANG member had more than eight million followers on Instagram.
SEUNGRIInstagram does not allow convicted sex offenders to use Instagram; and users can report their accounts by submitting △A link to a listing in a national sex offender registry △A link to an online news article △A link to a court document.

Once Instagram is able to verify their status as a sex offender, the platform immediately disable their account.
SEUNGRIPreviously on May 26, the Supreme Court upheld one and a half year prison term for SEUNGRI on nine different charges.

SEUNGRI was found guilty of all nine charges, including solicitation of illegal prostitution, overseas gambling, the spread of illegally-filmed sexual content, and more.
SEUNGRIAs he is currently serving his prison term at Military Correctional Institution, SEUNGRI will be transferred to a civilian prison and proceed his prison term until February 2023.

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