VIDEO: Han Ji Min Surprises Ko Doo-shim with Her Amazing English Speaking Skills

By  Lee Narin  | May 30, 2022

VIDEO: Han Ji Min Surprises Ko Doo-shim with Her Amazing English Speaking Skills
Actress Han Ji Min surprised actress Ko Doo-shim with her incredible skills in English. 

On May 29 episode of Channel A's television show 'Because I Like Ko Doo-shim' (literal translation), the drama 'Our Blues' cast Han Ji Min and Ko Doo-shim were seen on a trip to Gyeongju. 

While strolling around a palace site, they bumped into three non-Korean tourists. 

Han Ji Min said hi to them first, then asked where they were from in English. 
Because I Like Ko Doo-shimThey told them that they were from the Netherlands, and Han Ji Min started speaking in English with them, very naturally. 

She pointed at Ko Doo-shim and said, "She's a really famous actress.", then also told them about their drama. 

She stated, "So, you guys can watch our drama on Netflix. The title is, 'Our Blues'."

But as the Dutch tourists had no Wi-Fi, she wrote the title down on their phone and she also told them her name and Instagram account.
Because I Like Ko Doo-shimAfter that, Han Ji Min asked them, "How is Gyeongju?" 

The lady answered, "It's so beautiful. Korea is really beautiful, and people are very friendly. It's also clean and safe."

Han Ji Min playfully responded, "And the food is really great, right?", which got the tourists laugh and nod in agreement. 

Then, they took a photo together and said goodbye to each other. 
Because I Like Ko Doo-shimAs they started walking together again, Ko Doo-shim commented, "You speak excellent English. I can't speak English well even though my daughter lives in the States." 

Han Ji Min shyly smiled and said, "No, no. This is as far as I can get. But I did want to become a doctor when I was young. My grandma wasn't too well, and I used to tell her that I would treat her." 

She laughingly went on, "But as I grew up, I found out that you had to be super smart and study really well to become a doctor. So, I turned to wanting to become a kindergarten teacher after that." 

(Credit= Channel A Because I Like Ko Doo-shim) 

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