Han Ji Min Shares How She Made Her Acting Debut Even Though She Had No Thought of It

By  Lee Narin  | May 31, 2022

Han Ji Min Shares How She Made Her Acting Debut Even Though She Had No Thought of It
Actress Han Ji Min shared how she made her debut as an actress despite having no thought of becoming an actress. 

On May 29 episode of Channel A's television show 'Because I Like Ko Doo-shim', Han Ji Min made a guest appearance. 

While having a meal together, Han Ji Min asked Ko Doo-shim if she was happy when her son actor Kim Jung-hwan told her that he wants to start acting. 

Ko Doo-shim answered, "No, that's definitely a no. There are far more actors/actresses who can't even buy something to eat with the money they earn; a lot of them eat instant noodles. That's the first thing that came to my mind." 
Ko Doo ShimThen, Ko Doo-shim asked, "How did you become an actress, Ji Min?" 

Han Ji Min answered, "When I was young, I was a really shy and quiet girl. I didn't have any talent in this area, but people around me kept telling me to try auditioning for dramas." 

She resumed, "I went to some auditions just because they told me to. Everybody else dressed themselves nicely, and put make-up on and stuff, but I went there wearing my school uniform. Weirdly though, I kept landing on the roles that I auditioned for." 

She added, "I think the fact that it was becoming an actress wasn't my dream helped me to get the roles, because I didn't really seem nervous." 
Han Ji MinAfter that, Han Ji Min mentioned her debut project 'All In' (2003), where she appeared as a younger-self of actress Song Hye Kyo's character. 

The actress said, "The production team of 'All In' asked me to come in for an audition, but it turned out the day that I had to audition was when our family was going to go on a trip abroad for the first time together." 

She continued, "I ended up not going to the audition. But after I returned from the trip, I received a call from them. They told me that they still haven't found the right person for the role. So, I went to see them, and they cast me on the spot. That's how I made my acting debut." 
Han Ji Min(Credit= Channel A Because I Like Ko Doo-shim) 

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