Former SISTAR Yoon Bo-ra Says She Really Wishes to Date & Marry an Older Guy

By  Lee Narin  | May 31, 2022

Former SISTAR Yoon Bo-ra Says She Really Wishes to Date & Marry an Older Guy
Yoon Bo-ra, formerly of disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR, shared that she truly wishes to date and marry an older man. 

On May 30 episode of MBN's television show 'A Vacation in Hotel Suites' (literal translation), Yoon Bo-ra made a guest appearance. 

While Yoon Bo-ra, another former member of SISTAR SOYOU and singer Kim Jong-min were at a restaurant having a meal together, Kim Jong-min asked Yoon Bo-ra and SOYOU whether they ever want to get married.  
A Vacation in Hotel SuitesYoon Bo-ra answered, "I definitely want to get married. I honestly really want to.. It's totally a must for me." 

Kim Jong-min responded, "I feel like you will enjoy your married life, Bo-ra. I'm guessing your husband would be a tall actor, who is one or two years younger than you." 

Yoon Bo-ra commented, "There was only once in my life when I dated a guy older than I am. I've always dated guys younger than myself. But the thing is, I didn't date them because I went for younger guys. It just happened to be like that." 

She continued, "So, my desire to meet and date a guy older than myself has become much stronger than before nowadays." 
A Vacation in Hotel SuitesThen, Yoon Bo-ra was asked why she wants to get married that much. 

Yoon Bo-ra answered, "Well, it's not like I have any fantasy about marriage, but I feel unstable right now. I simply feel like marriage would give me the stability that I need and want." 

She went on, "But a lot of people have told me that being married doesn't necessarily make you feel stable. I heard that it would give you another kind of instability." 

In response to her answer, Kim Jong-min gave her a heartfelt advice, "What I would like to suggest you is that you find your own stability first, then think about getting married." 
A Vacation in Hotel Suites(Credit= MBN A Vacation in Hotel Suites) 

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