VIDEO: IU Seen Pleading Her Security Guard Not to Push Fans Too Much at the Airport

By  Lee Narin  | May 31, 2022

VIDEO: IU Seen Pleading Her Security Guard Not to Push Fans Too Much at the Airport
K-pop artist IU was spotted pleading her security guard not to push fans too much at the airport. 

On May 30, IU returned to Korea from France; she was in Cannes, attending '2022 Cannes Film Festival' for her movie 'Broker'. 

At '2022 Cannes Film Festival', actor Song Kang Ho was named 'Best Actor' for his performance in 'Broker'. 

Upon their arrival at Incheon International Airport, the team of 'Broker' posed at the gate for photos for press photographers and fans. 
IUFollowing the photo session, as many as six security guards surrounded IU to protect her while she walked to her van. 

Lots of IU's fans also surrounded the security guards in order to see IU and take a video of her as closely as they could. 

A huge crowd of people was form and the crowd slowly moved to the van altogether.

On the way to the van, IU did not stop to wave at her fans, and receive their gifts and letters even though the surrounding area was not quite in order. 
IUBecause there were so many people around though, the security guards had no choice but to push some of them to make room for IU to go through. 

In the process, one female camera operator happened to fall on the ground right in front of IU. 

As soon as IU saw this, she stretched her hand toward her and asked, "Oh, are you okay?!" in a surprised tone of voice. 
IUThen, IU witnessed one of the security guards pushing her fans hard. 

She immediately held his arm, and said, "Please don't push them too much like that." 

Once she got to her van, she waved to her fans for the last time and told them, "Do share the chocolates that I gave you!"―IU bought some chocolates from Cannes for fans at the airport. 

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(Credit= '비몽' YouTube, Baik Seung-chul/SBS Entertainment News) 

(SBS Star)