2NE1 Thought of Canceling the Coachella Performance? Here's Why

By  JW Yoo  | May 31, 2022

Disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1's recent reunion stage at the Coachella nearly didn't happen, according to the group's member DARA.

On May 27, DARA shared a new video titled, 'I Love My Dubai EP.2' on her YouTube channel.

As the title suggests, the video follows through DARA's trip to Dubai.
2NE1During the video, DARA talked about 2NE1's iconic reunion stage at the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' last month.

DARA said, "There have been so many offers for 2NE1's reunion from huge shows. We really wanted to, but since we now all belong to different agencies, it wasn't easy."

She also shared that the members thought that those weren't the 'right moments' for them to get back together.
DARADARA revealed that 2NE1's reunion at Coachella has been in discussion since the beginning of this year, and that the members were thinking of calling off their stage at some point.

She said, "Even until two weeks before we headed to the U.S., we were like, 'Are we really doing it?', 'Should we cancel it?' We've talked about canceling it."
2NE1She explained, "We thought of canceling it because we didn't have much time and that we had to keep it a secret. We didn't even have proper instrumental tracks for our stage."

DARA revealed that she wasn't expecting the audience to know them, since the stage took place in the U.S. after a long while.
DARAShe said, "I didn't expect people to recognize us. But as we went on the stage, the crowd cheered, and they sang along to 'I AM THE BEST'. They knew exactly who we were, and they knew our song. It felt amazing."

(Credit= 'DARA TV' YouTube, 'chaelinCL' Twitter)

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