SEVENTEEN DK Got Upset as IU Did Not Accept His Friend's Request on Social Media Before?

By  Lee Narin  | May 31, 2022

SEVENTEEN DK Got Upset as IU Did Not Accept His Friend's Request on Social Media Before?
DK of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN shared that he got upset because K-pop artist IU did not accept his friend's request on social media in the past. 

On May 30, IU unveiled a video of herself having an interview with SEVENTEEN. 

Towards the end of the interview, DK revealed that he used to be a huge fan of IU when he was in middle school. 

DK said to IU with a shy smile, "I felt too shy to mention it before, so this is my first time mentioning it, but... I was actually a huge fan of yours in middle school." 

He continued, "I used to visit your Cyworld (a popular social media platform in Korea before Facebook and Instagram) page a lot as well." 

He went on, "As I was so young, I thought you would accept my friend's request if I sent it to you, but that didn't happen, of course." 

To this, his fellow member SEUNGKWAN jokingly responded, "I'm sorry DK, but she used to get like 40,000 friend's request at that time." 
SEVENTEENIU laughed and commented, "How old were you at that time?", which DK answered, "I was in the second year of middle school." 

IU said, "Oh, you were very young, indeed. You must've gotten hurt. That's the time of your life when you just don't like everything and get upset over small things. How could I have not accepted your friend's request then?!" 

DK responded, "I know it's ridiculous when I think back, but I did get quite upset about it at that time. I was too young.", then laughed. 
SEVENTEENIU stated, "Let me apologize for that now. Sorry! You know what though? We can be friends from now on. Let's say hi to each other like we are the closest friends wherever we bump into one another somewhere. Would that make up for the past?" 

DK burst out laughing and excitedly said, "Yes, of course. It definitely does!" 

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube)  

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