VIDEO: Taeyeon Shares a Cute Talk She Had with Her Brother on Her Birthday This Year

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 2, 2022

VIDEO: Taeyeon Shares a Cute Talk She Had with Her Brother on Her Birthday This Year
Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared the cutest talk she had with her older brother on her birthday this year. 

On May 31, a new video was uploaded on Taeyeon's YouTube channel. 

The video showed Taeyeon on the day of the recording for tvN's television show 'Amazing Saturday'. 

While Taeyeon was getting her make-up done before the recording, one make-up artist asked Taeyeon if her shoes were comfortable. 

Taeyeon answered, "They're a little heavy, but I'm wearing them because they were a gift from my older brother. So, I'm trying to wear them as frequently as I can." 
TaeyeonTaeyeonThe K-pop star continued, "On my birthday, my brother was like, 'Taeyeon, I bought these for you since it's your birthday today.' I was like, 'What?! No... You didn't have to get me anything!'" 

She went on, "He was like, 'But I really wanted to. I feel like I've never congratulated you on your birthday properly until now. I always receive stuff from you. I wanted to give you something with the money that I earned.'" 

Then, Taeyeon joked, "I feel like he was just trying to look pitiful for some reason." 

She laughed and resumed, "To that, I responded, 'Oh, thank you so much... But these shoes are a bit too big for me, it seems.'" 

She added, "My brother replied, 'Just wear thick socks when you put them on then.' I was like, 'Ah, alright. I'll do whatever I need to wear them.' Don't you just think our conversation was super funny?" 

Their cute conversation as well as relationship made a lot of fans smile and laugh. 

Taeyeon was born in March 1989, and her older brother is said to be only a year older than her―born in 1988. 

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