Jeon So Min Shares What It Is like to Balance TV Show Appearance & Drama Shootings

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 2, 2022

Jeon So Min Shares What It Is like to Balance TV Show Appearance & Drama Shootings
Actress Jeon So Min shared what it is like to be active in a television show and drama at the same time. 

On June 2, Jeon So Min attended a press conference for her upcoming drama 'Cleaning Up'. 

During the press conference, one reporter asked Jeon So Min about balancing her work between weekly television show appearance and drama shootings. 

The question was, "You film SBS' television show 'Running Man' every week, and also filmed your drama at the same time. Wasn't that hard?" 
Jeon So MinWithout hesitation, Jeon So Min answered, "No, no. It was really fun. I feel grateful that this much work is given to me. But I do feel like the two has to switch well." 

She explained, "I spent a day of the week filming 'Running Man', then the rest of the days on the site of my drama. The transition is difficult sometimes." 

After that, she went on to share how she overcomes those struggles, "But I've been trying to learn the lessons and tips from the experience." 
Jeon So MinJeon So Min made her acting debut in 2004, but was not in the spotlight until 2013 when she won 'the Rookie Award' at 'MBC Drama Awards' for her role in 'Princess Aurora'. 

Then, Jeon So Min joined 'Running Man' in 2017, about seven years after the show began to air. 

Even though she was not the 'original' member of 'Running Man', she has received much love from the moment she joined the show. 

Her goofy and funny personality played a huge part in this, and there are a great number of fans around the world who love her. 
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