"I'm Getting Married, Everyone!" Jang Na-ra Excitedly Announces Her Marriage

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 3, 2022

"I'm Getting Married, Everyone!" Jang Na-ra Excitedly Announces Her Marriage
Actress Jang Na-ra revealed that she is getting married. 

On June 3, Jang Na-ra took to her Instagram to share some amazing news. 

Jang Na-ra said with excitement, "Today, I would like to deliver personal, but great news to you. I'm getting married, everyone!" 

She continued, "He is six years younger than I am, who works with a camera. We've been together for about two years, and decided to become each other's life companion. I fell for his beautiful smile, kind heart, and most of all, the love and great attitude that he had for his work." 

She went on, "Since I'm planning to start a new chapter of my life with such an awesome guy, I wanted to be honest with you and let you know about it. I'll definitely enjoy my married life. I'll be happy!" 
Jang Na-raThen, Jang Na-ra looked back to the time when she had made debut in 2001. 

The actress stated, "I'm not a very talented person, but I somehow managed to make debut. It only feels like yesterday when I debuted, but it's been so many years already. I would like to thank everyone for giving me love, support and looking after me all this time." 

She resumed, "Following my wedding, I'm going to be returning with a fun project right away. So, I'm also busy preparing for that now. I'll work even harder with more responsibility from now on." 

After that, the bride-to-be wrapped up the post by apologizing for not being able to give more information about her husband-to-be. 

Jang Na-ra said, "I'm sorry that I can't give more details about him. Since he is a non-celebrity, I'm worried that he might feel uncomfortable at work because of me. I hope for your understanding in this matter. Thank you!" 
Jang Na-raBorn in March 1981, Jang Na-ra is 41 years old; she made debut when she was 20 years old. 

She entered the K-pop industry as a singer first, then joined the acting business about two months after her debut. 

In the same year that she first appeared on television as a singer as well as actress, she took 'Best Rookie Singer Award', 'Best Rookie Actress Award' and more home at various respected awards ceremonies. 
Jang Na-ra(Credit= 'nara0318' Instagram) 

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