EUNHA Reminisces the Time When VIVIZ Danced in the Water-leaking Basement Studio Before Debut

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 3, 2022

EUNHA Reminisces the Time When VIVIZ Danced in the Water-leaking Basement Studio Before Debut
EUNHA of K-pop girl group VIVIZ reminisced the time when the group's members danced in the poor environment. 

On June 2 episode of Mnet's television show 'Queendom 2', VIVIZ members―EUNHA, UMJI and SINB were seen visiting one restaurant that they used to come when they were trainees. 

It was an agwi-jjim (braised spicy angler) restaurant; agwi-jjim is a fairly expensive dish that is not considered an everyday dish. 

While enjoying agwi-jjim together, UMJI stated, "Back in the day when we were still training to make debut, we could only come to restaurants like this on a special day like our birthdays or Christmas. I find it so cool that we can just come and eat here whenever we want now." 
VIVIZEUNHA commented, "We used to dance in the basement studio where water leaked, remember? There were crickets living in the studio too. There, we used to dream of making debut and getting our names out to the world together. That's still vivid in my head." 

She suddenly became tearful and said, "We wanted to win the trophy on music shows, hold our own concerts, attend awards ceremonies, receive awards and stuff like that. We've made all these dreams come true. I'm so touched." 

She added with a shaky voice, "I'm glad that three of us are promoting together right now as well. It makes me happy. I'm really proud of us." 
VIVIZAs SINB listened to her words and saw her tear up, she laughed and tried to record EUNHA on her phone. 

In response to this, EUNHA burst out laughing and said, "Stop! I'll look like I'm drunk-talking in that video!" 

EUNHA continued, "Honestly though, did you guys think that we would make it this far?!" 
VIVIZEUNHA, UMJI and SINB initially made debut as members of girl group GFRIEND in January 2015. 

Then in May 2021, GFRIEND's management agency SOURCE MUSIC announced the end of their contract with the group as well as their disbandment. 

Following the disbandment, EUNHA, UMJI and SINB joined Big Planet Made Entertainment and formed a new group called VIVIZ. 

(Credit= Mnet Queendom 2) 

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